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2001 Gavekal Research founded in London by Charles Gave, Anatole Kaletsky and Louis-Vincent Gave. The firm specializes in global economic and asset allocation research.
2002 Gavekal Research opens headquarters in Hong Kong, also launching Gavekal Capital, Ltd., a money management firm.
2005 Gavekal Research publishes Our Brave New World, a book identifying “platform companies,” an emerging model of 21st century companies successfully employing intellectual property for future growth.
2006 Gavekal Capital, LLC a US registered investment advisor, opens office in Denver, Colorado.
2006 Launch of the Gavekal Platform Company UCITS Fund (Bloomberg: GAVPLAT), a global long-only equity fund that seeks to identify innovative companies that are profiting from the successful investment of intangible capital.
2007 Gavekal Capital, LLC team begins development of models and tools that will become Gavekal Analytics, the firm’s proprietary technology platform for calculating intangible-adjusted data.
2010 Gavekal Capital, LLC launches US mutual fund employing Platform Company Strategy (now Gavekal KL Allocation Fund).
2010 Gavekal Research purchases Dragonomics, an independent research and advisory firm specializing in Chain’s economy and its influence on Asia and the world.
2011 Gavekal Capital, LLC launches the Gavekal Analytics technology used to conduct research and stock selection exclusively for the Gavekal Knowledge Leaders Strategy.
2012 Gavekal Capital, LLC debuts new Gavekal Knowledge Leaders branding for all products.
2014 Gavekal Capital, LLC introduces Gavekal Knowledge Leaders Indexes, the first family of indexes designed to track the world’s leading innovators.