GaveKal Capital is a US registered investment advisory firm that manages the Knowledge Leaders Strategy. Knowledge leaders are a group of the world’s leading innovators with deep reservoirs of intangible capital. These companies often possess competitive advantages such as strong brand, proprietary knowledge or a unique distribution mechanism. Knowledge leaders are largely service-based and advanced manufacturing businesses, often operating globally.

GaveKal Capital, the fund’s advisor, strives to identify the world’s leading knowledge companies by employing an investment process that incorporates measurements of corporate knowledge investments. The advisor seeks to identify high-quality growth companies demonstrating superior operating performance. By analyzing knowledge spending, the advisor aims to uncover attractive long-term opportunities.

We offer the Knowledge Leaders Strategy in multiple products for global investors. For US investors, we offer the GaveKal Knowledge Leaders Mutual Fund (NASDAQ: GAVAX, GAVIX) and separately managed accounts. For non-US investors, we offer the GaveKal Knowledge Leaders UCITS Fund (Bloomberg: GAVPLAT). As of March 31, 2014, we manage approximately $652 million in the Knowledge Leaders Strategy.

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